Top Tips to Introducing Feng Shui into Your Home

Implementing a Feng Shui lifestyle promotes a tranquil state of being and showcases one that lives harmoniously with its surrounding energies. Doing this will maintain a good flow of Chi (life energy) and hence, give you good fortune while leading you to a successful and happy life. If you’re a beginner when it comes to this lifestyle, here are some important tips you’ll need to make use of to get you started!

Organize your space

Own items that keep you grounded to yourself. Any unnecessary belongings that just clutter up your space simply must go if you wish to live a feng shui-inspired lifestyle. This tip is one of the first steps you’ll have to take when it comes to cleansing your home and starting anew.

Light entranceways

The entrance to your home sets the tone to what will follow. Work on creating a welcoming, fresh atmosphere that will envelop you as soon as you step through your doors. Use bright colors, open windows and anything that will combat dark and uneasy undertones. Avoid cluttering at all costs in these areas and organize your belongings neatly because you want the energy of this space to circulate properly.

Use nature

Simply opening a window to let in nature’s fresh breeze or adorning your household with fresh plants can give your living space a vibrant energy that instantaneously uplifts the atmosphere. Ensure that your garden is always well-kept and bursting with life as this reflects on your future prosperity.

Use Feng Shui Products

You can use various products that will help you showcase your dedication to this lifestyle and enhance the quality of your living. Products such as a Feng shui crystal ball singapore, lucky charms, healing bracelets, incense burners etc. all help keep toxic energy at bay so you will want to consider investing in such commodities.

Avoid color clashing

Go for light, neutral colors (in the bedroom, this will promote restful sleep) and avoid color clashes such as heavy influences of black and red. Such clashes can lead to a vortex of aggressive energy. With a Feng Shui lifestyle, you will always need to aim for welcoming tones that speak of tranquility and peace.

Proportionate Furniture

Make sure your furniture is suited to your living space. A clumsy fit might give your space a cluttered look and prevent proper circulation of energy.

These are just a few simple ways to introduce yourself to a Feng Shui lifestyle. Be organized, be mindful, cut yourself off from toxic beings and people and make sure it reflects in your living space as well as this as an extension of who you are. The rest will come easy!