5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Home

You know your house is chaotic and disorganized when you can’t seem to find things when you need it the most. Be it your car keys, your daughter’s books or your important documents- at the end of the day, finding items in your home becomes a chore that will have you late for work, school, a family get together etc. De-cluttering your home leads to a healthier lifestyle that will give your family a newfound appreciation for organized living. This lifestyle is both time-saving and less stressful, so here are some ways you can de-clutter your house.

Hire professional help

First, we’ll address the most convenient method available to you- house cleaning service. As a working individual/parent with hardly any free time on their hands, widening your schedule to include organizing your home might sound like an impossible task. This is why you can regularly hire professional help with the highest quality of expertise to handle the upkeep of your home.

Say goodbye to unnecessary belongings

 The inability to deal with your unnecessary belongings appropriately can lead to cluttering. Go around the house– if an object has no sentimental value, no practicality and you wouldn’t buy it again given another chance, this is a sure sign that you should scrap it. You can make this a family activity too by getting your children more involved with the idea of donating or selling the clothes and toys they’ve grown out of, books they no longer read etc.

Shift to digital forms of communication

Shifting to e-mails and mobile notifications is currently a heavily preferred method. It helps you prevent a significant build-up of paper-based communication and also saves you the trouble of sorting out and recycling any junk mail you might receive.

Schedule cleaning days

If you tend to procrastinate, it’s best you start a strict schedule that includes the entire family- no exceptions (everyone will have at least a small way of contributing). That’s right, make this a family activity to remember by picking out any day and one room that you’ll be focusing on and get started. You can also get more things done by assigning additional chores to your kids using the promise of rewards.

Stash your plastics and other re-useable items

To avoid using plastics is difficult. However, investing your time in the cluttering use, storage and recycling of plastic bags can be reduced, if not avoided. It is recommended to invest in a few large-sized tote bags, which are re-usable for shopping purposes rather than bringing home various plastics.

These 5 tips will have you with an organized home in no time so don’t hesitate to give them a chance and save yourself some stress!